Last Night, I Woke Up Laughing

I had a funny dream. I will tell you at the end.

Of late, I have been thinking a lot. It is the same old rerun of mistakes I have made and what I could have done different. It’s like the old soap opera that you watch when nothing else is on tv. You can miss months without seeing it and somehow you can still follow the storyline. That is because it never changes. It is the same old story – someone cheats, someone lies, and some tries to destroy their arch nemesis.

Arch nemesis? Who really has an arch nemesis?

I digress.

You have to arrest every thought that does not bring you peace,
enlightenment or closer to your God-given destiny. Every other thought is
just a distraction. Then, there are dreams. They are a little harder to arrest.

Sometimes dreams are ways for you to workout complicated issues that you cannot not do consciously. Dreams elicit the response in your body/mind/self that you could not allow during the day. They come to bring you answers.

Yesterday, I was so wound up – muscles tight, sinusitis, and a crazy busy workday. By the time I got home, I just could not seem to wind down. I even tried praying. I watched a little TV, browsed the web and finally decided to lay it down.


The Dream:


I was robbing a bank with KC and JoJo of Jodeci. The police surrounded us and we had to scatter and JoJo got caught. I moved to Mexico with my share of the money like Jada Pinket in Set It Off.

Next scene I am on a movie set with Jada, Will and Denzel. We are taking a lunch break. There are no paper plates so I decide to make one from a folder. I fold it and start to staple my folder-plate together. I accidentally staple my finger to the folder-plate. Everyone laughs at me – Jada, Will and Denzel. I say, “Sometimes things like this happen in life but it is important that you don’t become st . . .”┬áDenzel interrupts and says, “What? Stuck in the moment, like you are stuck to that plate.” Then they all laugh again.

The weird thing is as I am typing this, the dream’s meaning is so clear. Mistakes happen. Even when you do something really dumb in a really public way. You cannot become stuck in the moment of the mistake. You have to move on!

I woke up laughing!

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