Staying on Purpose

Dallas traffic will try your spirit. You will find out really quick how close you and Jesus really are. This grey SUV kept swerving through traffic to keep one spot in front of me. It all began as I, like a good driver, put on my signal to merge and this heffa sped up. I found myself getting really upset as this truck again sped up, swerved to prevent me from merging in front of her. All of this just to exit the ramp in the next 150 feet.

Really? She tried it!

I had to put things into perspective. This driver was a nut. lol I was not going to let a nut ruin my day. So, I woosahhh-ed and focused. Today has been a trying one. I was so incredibly tired waking up this morning, then the crazed SUV driver. I get to work and one of my co-workers lost a family member. Whoa, talk about perspective.

I have to suck it up and press forward. If this person could come to work in the middle of tragedy, surely I could forgive and forget one annoying driver. After all, it was just a distraction. My purpose was to be here to comfort and offer encouraging words. I would not have been in the space to do that had I gone Tamar Braxton on the SUV driver.

I cannot let any negativity try my spirit, ya'll! Get thee behind me Satan! Everything – annoyances, attitudes, people, relationships that keep me from being on purpose has got to exit on the next ramp.

Anyway. My book has gone into editing. Next, I am looking for cover art. Since, the beginning of this blog, I have discussed this book from inception, to rewrites and now editing. I am, currently, brainstorming marketing ideas.  If you have some novel ones – pun intended – please leave in the comments area.

God is good. Namaste.


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