Fitness 2013 – Keep That Body Moving

Woo chile! What a week! I have been working some mandatory overtime and getting up early to do it. It is taking some getting used to. I thought – erroneously – that I would just sleep a little longer, you know, nap a little more. I skipped a workout here . . .there. The result, I was tired all of the time.

What the what?

As I lsat on the couch seriously pondering where my get-up-and-go went, I remembered by high school science class. Sir Isaac Newton's First Law of Motions states that an object either is at rest or moves at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force. {Source}

Or in laymen term, a body in motion stays in motion. A body in rest stays at? You guessed it – REST! The more I slept in and did not work out, the more I just wanted to layabout. I finally just bit the bullet and started back  in motion. This body started moving and just kept moving.

Moving feels good. Whether working out, cleaning up, or dancing, your body will feel great.

So no matter what hurdles life tosses at you, I would encourage you to keep moving. You can only reach the goal ahead if you are in motion towards it.

2 thoughts on “Fitness 2013 – Keep That Body Moving

  1. Hey Chica, I have restarted the Ab Challenge. i hit Day 8 last go round and it was a wrap. I have a couple friends doing it with me. We all check in on myfitnesspal ap and confirm that we have finished. I have been hitting the gym consistently now but not eatting properly so the scale hasn’t budged much.
    Keep Moving !!!!

  2. Hey Girlie!!!!
    I am so excited. Glad the challenge is spreading. Its easier for me to keep up with this than my regular workout. I can do this in the am or before bed.
    This week I will keep better track of my food. That’s the real wild card for me.

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