Staying on Track

Confession: I am going to need to extend my abs challenge an additional week. I did not do a single leg raise. There is really no excuse. I mean, there are excuses just not good ones. I have come to far to chunk the deuces to the whole challenge. Slightly disappointed in myself but I will just go another week.

Speaking of disappointments, I received one this week. It is difficult when someone you believed in turns out to not be that believable. Not that any human being is perfect but honesty goes a long way with me. I was a little down and was going to skip my workout when my nephew suggested we go to the trail. I am thankful for his motivation.

It is just so easy to get off track – a glitch in a schedule, a missed workout, fatigue or a disappointment. The key is to be consistent – to stay on track. I heard a sermon once – success comes from doing what you know is right regardless of how you feel. I felt like climbing in bed and pulling the covers over my head. Instead I got up and did my 3 miles.

My niece and nephew are going back home tomorrow *insert sad face*. I am going to have to find some internal motivation for those down days. Maybe I should buy a new dress. There is no therapy like retail therapy. lol


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