The Art of Silence

It is so hard to just shut up. The inactivity, the silence, the ennui – I don't know. I just know that not being able to speak is driving me NUTS!

Let me backtrack a bit.

I sang with my Praise and Worship team and on Friday. I had a slight irritation in my throat but I sang anyway because I love to sing and worship. This Friday the spirit was really moving and the speaker decided to continue with praise and worship. So, we continued to sing for like 2 hrs.

The next day. I could not speak and my throat hurt. By Monday, I was not 100% but I could speak a little and it was the Memorial Day Holiday so I went to a barbecue. I played Taboo and talked entirely too much again!

I wake up this morning to a real sore throat. The remedy it turns out is to stop speaking. . .period. I have had my assignment altered at work so that I do not have to speak. I am going bananas. lol

I believe that sometimes God intervenes so that we can just be still. I tend to talk to fill the void even when I don't have much to say which leads to gossip and revealing too much.I am learning through this event the art of silence.

Maybe now I can concentrate on listening.

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