Failing to Plan is Truly Planning to Fail

*Rolling with the homies*  This song has been stuck in my head all weekend. Like Cher from Clueless  this weekend, "I was just totally clueless."  I was so busy and got nothing really accomplished. I started out right and just kinda fizzled.

I wanted to cook a crock pot of chicken tortilla soup for the week. This started as a formidable plan. I finally figured out why my cooking is so hit or miss. I can never quite seem to follow the recipe.I went to the grocery store and got fresh cilantro and all the fixins EXCEPT chicken and chicken broth. lol

No worries guys. I had some left over chicken cooked a week before and Ramen noodle mix. You can see where this is heading, right? The grossest worstest soup ever ever! So, now I have no food planned for the week throwing a wrench into my diet planning.

I also did not make it to the cleaners, did not wash clothes or clean my house. I did not even juice a darn thing!!! I was truly busy but somehow these necessary tasks did not make the cut.

After lamenting about it, a friend says, "Maybe you need a schedule." Yes. I will just write it down. Failing to plan is truly planning to fail. Next time, I will peruse the ingredients list prior to shopping and actually write them down. I mean, I forgot the chicken! lol

*In my Cher voice* Like, duh!


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