My 30 in 30 Starts Out Negative 1 – Exercising

So, today is the first real day of exercising for 1 hour per day. My friend TB inspired me so I enlisted a few others to join me. Today, I find myself sick and in bed all day. No workout for me. Now I am an hour in the hole.

I am thinking I can walk my 2, 15-minute breaks for two days to make it up. The real challenge is going to be getting in an hour workout now that my beloved Danceaton class has moved to a more expensive, less locations having fitness center.

Why, why, why!!!!??????

I guess I will have to give the other classes a shot. I have been seriously contemplating yoga. I would most def have to purchase a mat though. The mats at the gym are G.R.I.M.Y.

I could do 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on weights but the weights are grimy, too. It is so difficult trying to enjoy group fitness while slightly germophobic.

What is a girl to do?

I have also started cooking in bulk and freezing my food for lunch later on in the week. The pathway to success is paved in preparation!

OAN: The scale keeps declining. I think I have the right momentum.

Anyone else want to join the challenge? P.S. You can take the Holdisays off!

2 thoughts on “My 30 in 30 Starts Out Negative 1 – Exercising

  1. I have failed horribly again but as you say the pathway to success is paved in preparedness. I have a stock of oatmeal and soup in my desk drawer so there won’t be any i forgot my lunch moments or I wanted to enjoy those 20 extra minutes in bed. I am ready to try again. I will only be doing the 30 days no outside food, unless someone else pays. My schedule is super hectic. I know that I won’t be able to put in the 30 hours of exercise. I am going to aim for 4 hours a week. Here is to Pocket Books being fat and thighs being skinny….LOL

  2. Amen to that. I have been averaging 30 minutes per day 4 days a week or so. I am going to keep trying. That is all you can do. Set a goal and keep making steps toward it. We can do this!

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