Heat Damage – Natural Hair

Being natural is rewarding and frustrating simultaneously.

My curls were not as buoyant as they had previously been so I decided to get my ends trimmed. I went to a hair stylist who shall remain nameless to have her straighten and clip my ends.I opted for heat straightening to get the most precise cut possible.

I must preface this by saying I do not go to hair salons because the typical mentality of a traditional hair stylist is the antithesis of my natural hair mentality. In my experience, traditional stylists think kinks, naps and curls are the devil and will do anything to get your stresses bone straight.

Needless to say, as always, the stylist over processed my hair. By over processed I mean used too much heat. A couple of times. I felt my hair adhering to the flat irons. Now I have a couple of straight spots that will not re-curl. This is a sign of heat damage.

The stylist was not bad. The cut and style were beautiful. It is just that the method was flawed and left me with slightly damaged hair.

I, now, need a non-heated technique to clip my ends. Will update when I find one that works.

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