Prayer Changes Things

It really does. I am continuously reminded of this truth when I let go and just pray. The key is after you pray to STOP worrying. I know it's easier said than done.

There is this phenomenon known as the Cassandra Complex.  Cassandra is a character from Greek mythology that was granted the gift of prophecy but later cursed that no one would believe her.

I feel like Cassandra sometimes. It seems I can predict certain things, not in a psychic kind of way, but in a read the signs and know the destination kinda way. No matter how I scream and warn, people still take the wrong left. I used to let others choices worry me. This can really way on your spirit.

I just decided to stop worrying and prayed about a situation and GOD FIXED IT. Like, right away, turn the tides, peace be still, kind of way.

All I can say is. . .AMEN!

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