The Daniel Fast and Other Stuff

I am attempting the Daniel Fast again. I lasted 7 days before but now I have a website with recipes. I am also equiped with mangoes.

I used to be intimidated by mangoes and would never by them. Now, I have learned what a ripe mango looks and tastes like and I am hooked.

I went to the fruit market today and they were on sale for 88 cents each.


In other Talulazoeapple news, I think I have another crush. It's funny because a friend was like,  ooh I was gonna try to hook you guys up but blah, blah, blah. 

It all started with that darn Red Revival lipstick episode. Now he is all smiles and conversations. Unlike cute puerto rican dude, I am deliberately coy. It's all in good fun anyway.

BUT, I may just have to buy a couple flowers for my hair. *see this post*

6 thoughts on “The Daniel Fast and Other Stuff

  1. Just stay with the red lipstick and the flower in your hair and you won’t go wrong… remember to put the flower over your left ear, that means that you’re single. Please, please get rid of the rican. He’s a loser… he’s material for the Jerry Springer Show.
    He’s something romantic; all women love romance. A little over a week ago, on August 28th, me and my wife celebrated 29 years of marrage. We’re already looking forward to our 30th next year. Here’s what we’re planning: we’re planning to go on a romantic cruise and have the captain of the cruise ship marry us again. The captain of a cruise ship, a navy ship, any kind of a ship has the authority to marry people. If we can’t save enough money for that we have a plan B. We’ll plan on asking the Venitian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas if they have a wedding plan where you can get married while on a gondola riding through the Venitian Hotel’s canals just like in Venice, Italy. That would be romantic too.

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