In and Out Burger – Don’t Believe the Hype?

Just spent like 25 plus minutes in a complicated drive thru waiting on my In and Out Burger experience. I am not one for hype but those endless lines jamming up traffic would indicate that this burger is the closest to heaven a mouth can get, right?


The bun was too chewy. The burger meat was like an old-fashioned burger. That part wasn't bad. The onion was a slice of a raw yellow one not red like most onions on burgers. There was something akin to Big Mac sauce slathered on that aforementioned chewy bun.

No bueno.

I feel as if In and Out owes me gas money for sitting in that line for that incredibly mediocre meal.

Perhaps my expectations were too high. Closest to heaven a mouth can get? Sheesh.

I will thank In and Out Burger for pushing me closer to the meatless Daniel Fast. So, um, thanks for that.

Have you been to Cali, had an In and Out Burger?

What did you experience? I was underwhelmed.


2 thoughts on “In and Out Burger – Don’t Believe the Hype?

  1. I am a born and breed Washington State girl. I have never been to in and out so I can not tell you if its worth the hype but I can tell you that little burger joints have the best burgers of anyplace!

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