Should I Stay Or Should I Go

I have been thinking about moving back to Chicago. Things are just not popping in Dallas. It's not that I don't have love for Dallas. I am just not in love with it anymore.

Maybe I am just extremely homesick having not been able to visit home in nearly a year. Truthfully, I think I have had just one too many disappointments.

Don't ge me wrong, I have had some great times here. You can just read through my archives to see that. I continuosly ask myself, is what I am gaining here worth being away from my mom and family.

I am leaning closer to no.

I had really defined goals of what I wanted to accomplish when I first moved here but things seem to be standing still as of late. I hate stagnancy. I hate indecision.

Maybe I need patience but 4 years is a long time already.

Cannot believe I have been here FOUR YEARS!

I will pray about it and see what direction the Lord leads me.

Stay or go, I am ready for whatever.

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