Church Socials Or The Dreaded Singles’ Event

I recently attended a singles' event at a local church. It was designed like a "play date" event. I thought why not? I had sworn off such a events previously because they are just too weird. The first one I attended, a couple of years ago , alone. It was a party-type atmosphere at a converted club. The behavior was weird. People sat around not knowing how to act. Should you dance, mingle? What dance goes with Kirk Franklin? Just W-I-E-R-D.

Christian dance 

 So I and friend stopped by a festival first grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to the church. En route my friend says, "You know the game is on tonight?" So the singles' social was planned on a night when most men will be home watching the Mavericks play.

Ominous, much?

We get there and after a few boring Uno games, we mosey over to the Outburts table. A  slightly more fun game of Outburst and all the men are chanting, "Turn On the Game!"

After the Outburst game finally ends, all of the guys in unison head for the exits.

As a single Christian, I understand the need for socials in which you can meet like-minded people for a little fun, get-ta-know-ya. I think it will help if  active singles actually plan the events. May be have it outside of the church campus?

Have any of you attended a great Christian social event? Please describe.

5 thoughts on “Church Socials Or The Dreaded Singles’ Event

  1. I like the new color set up, Cutie Pie. It’s so you. Sorry to say that I’ve never been to a Christian singles event. From what you’ve described, the one you attended sounded boring. Why don’t you have a kareoke sing off? Choir members can’t participate. See who can sing Kirk Franklin, Dottie Peoples. That should be funny. (Did I spell “kareoke” right?)Hey! That’s an idea right there! Have a spelling bee. The bee involves spelling names and places found in the Bible such as “Garden of Eden” and “Noah”, but no fair using your Bible. If someone gets the spelling correct, they get a tootsie-pop. Try that.

  2. I have been just fine. My and the wife are coming upon 30 years married… next August actually. We’ve been thinking about what to do. I suggested going on a boat cruise somewhere and having the captain marry us again. How’s that?
    My great neice is now finishing her first year at Cal State University at Los Angeles. My other great niece will be starting high school in the fall. She’s already tried out for, and was accepted into the freshman cheerleading team. She will be cheerleading for the junior varsity football games starting in late September. She wants to to go see her and I said OK… she says I’m the best uncle in the world. My nephew graduated last week from Rio Hondo College with his A.A. Degree in History. He said he wants to tranfer to a local university, he just doesn’t know which one yet. I suggested Cal State University at Long Beach, my alma mater. 🙂 My other niece, on my wife’s side, says she’s going to enroll in the MBA program at Loyola-Marymount University of Los Angeles. Some pretty nice things are going on in my life.

  3. I detest single’s events. Seriously. I rarely go to them when my church hosts them. I have, however, been to a comedy night that a church in Maryland hosts every month. That was nice. They serve dinner and then have the comedians come out. It wasn’t exactly an event just for singles. But it was very enjoyable and the concept could very well be used for a single’s event.

  4. I agree Natasha. Its just gets weird when churchy tyoes try to “organize” *read control* a social event. The environment should be conducive to meeting fold and conversation. I gave it it a go just no bueno for me. lol

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