I Got A Job, Whoot, Whoot!

I am really excited about this new gig. I am pretty much helping out of work people find jobs.  Oh, the irony!

'Tis the season of new beginnings.

I am meeting all types of interesting people, at the new gig. I am convinced that God is the Great Networker. I am moving soon. Same community, smaller and cheaper place. Oh, I started my budget.


I am driving home from work, my very first day, and my phone rings.

It's "The Kid" singing, "She works hard for the money." I totally needed that laugh. So he is like, I miss you, can I come over. He says he will bring dinner, yada, yada.

So mind you, he calls from the restuarant that is like two minutes from my house to see what I want. Then like 40 MINUTES later, I call and say, "Are you lost?"

He says, no. It turns out his "girlfriend" needed money and he had to go rush and make a deposit. Okay, that's fine and all but why wouldn't you call and say that. He thinks that I make a big deal out of things but his behavior just reinforces his immaturity to me. He's cool and all but I hate when people show disregard for my time.

Anyway, he comes over and we hangout but I was really tired and feeling a bit under the weather.

Back to my job, though. #Grateful

I feel like a lot of things are resettling in my life, as if I am being repositioned. I keep giving thanks regardless of what is happening around me. I know God will calm every stormy sea and boisterous wind.

That is what has been happening in my life. What's up with yours?

I am in training for the next couple of weeks.

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