How To Be Celibate – A Single Christian’s Guide

To be a Christian is more than a title. It is more than a standing weekly appointment at some church. It is a walk with Christ. To be Christlike is to live as according to the word of God.

The most contentious and difficult requirement of of Christian life is the no fornication clause. lol There are some who adhere to monogamy as a rule or make an exception for someone that they are in love with. However, the bible is clear about a few things and no premarital sex in one of them.

So pratically, how does one accomplish this feat of will. The answer is YOU do not but with the assistance of the holy spirit you can!

These are some helpful tips.

  1. Decide in your mind that celibacy is the right thing to aspire to.
  2. Read your bible for strength and inspiration.
  3. Fast and pray. Fasting is refraining from food and/or drink for a specific amount of time to give yourself in prayer to God. Denying the real and necessary urge to eat puts you in the right spiritual frame of mind to deny yourself sex. You are also giving yourself the freedom to love someone free of the cloud of sex. Sex is not love.
  4. When starting out, refrain from things – music, movies, people – that put you in that loving feeling.
  5. Get busy!!! Become faithful to God is service, giving, living. An idle mind is truly the devil's playground.
  6. Hang out with like-minded individuals. It is my honest opinion that folk who are loose in the caboose secretly envy those who refrain. I believe they subconsciously try to undermine your position by enticing you to give up on celibacy. Why? Misery loves company.
  7. If you feel like you just cannot hold on any longer, take the time to pray. My personal prayer is, "My body belongs to God." When you realize this truth, you will not give yourself away to someone not in God's plan for you.

I personally have been celibate a long, long, long, long, time. lol These tips have helped me to keep myself free from fornication.

Are there any celibate readers? How do you handle this situation?

2 thoughts on “How To Be Celibate – A Single Christian’s Guide

  1. Wish there had been more feedback on this one. What happens when you actually meet someone who respects your celibacy. How do you proceed to build a relationship and stay out of tempting situations?

  2. Welcome, JB.
    You must stay connected to your source – God. If you are slacking in prayer, reading your Word, consecration then it’s easier to be tempted and actually mess up.
    You laso have to know your response prior to getting into a situation. Don’t put yourself in compromising ones.
    Dating and getting to know someone should be relaxed abd beautiful, like courting. If you have sex with someone you kinda put the horse before the cart.
    With God all things are possible, that is who has truly kept me all of these years.

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