I Finally Saw Takers. Thank God for the Dollar Show – A Review

Ahh so much eye candy, so little text. Where does a girl start?

Michael Ealy. This man deserves to be a leading man in more than Oprah's made-for-tv movie of the week. He severely underused in this heist film.

Speaking of the film (this a review right?) this is your by-the-numbers heist film. I had to mentally divorce myself from the illogical premise of the movie. No group of thieves that sophisticated would have ever taken the job. Everyone agrees to do one last job, though its risky, and it falls apart at the end. Yada, yada, yogi and a picanic basket.

Back to Ealy. This man made me officially jealous of Beyonce when I saw he was her love interest in her Halo video.

Idris Elba – Lordy lordy. A black man with a british accent. Puffy Daddy thought he should play bond. Uhm-no sir and thanks Diddy, sir. Idris Elba is so cool. Even though he played Beyonce's husband in Obsessed. Why does Beyonce get all of the sexy menses? Oh , wait, never mind. lol

Chris Brown – Sorry young ladies. I cannot get past his teeth and neither can his words. Enunciate, my brother, enunciate.

Paul Walker – I love me some Paul Walker. Um, yes, just kinda do. Very leading man.

So has anyone else seen this film? What is your take?

P.S. T.I. is in jail.


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