Catching Up – My Audition

I did not get the part but. . .


. . .I got some great feedback and some rays of hope.

Basically, both producers loved my monologue but it was my scene with the other actors that did not go as well.

I was told that I need more confidence with my body. I rocked a bit during my scene and it distracted from my words.

That's funny because that is the same weakness I identified coming into the audition.

I was not sure where to stand. I basically studied assuming we would be on a stage during the audition. We were actually in a casting room. There was really no space to "walk in." You kind of had to just had to start speaking.

It was quite the experience. I think I would like to start a few classes this summer.

Next time I will be ready.

4 thoughts on “Catching Up – My Audition

  1. ” ‘ I did not get the part but…’ ” Look at the bright side, Cutie Pie. At least you’re getting auditions and that’s a start. Look at me. I can’t even get a try-out to join a band. This last Saturday I went to the June Teenth festival. There was good food and good music. Every band that played had a guitar player. But I’m gonna keep trying. You keep trying too.


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