Catching Up – My Audition

I did not get the part but. . .


. . .I got some great feedback and some rays of hope.

Basically, both producers loved my monologue but it was my scene with the other actors that did not go as well.

I was told that I need more confidence with my body. I rocked a bit during my scene and it distracted from my words.

That's funny because that is the same weakness I identified coming into the audition.

I was not sure where to stand. I basically studied assuming we would be on a stage during the audition. We were actually in a casting room. There was really no space to "walk in." You kind of had to just had to start speaking.

It was quite the experience. I think I would like to start a few classes this summer.

Next time I will be ready.

4 thoughts on “Catching Up – My Audition

  1. ” ‘ I did not get the part but…’ ” Look at the bright side, Cutie Pie. At least you’re getting auditions and that’s a start. Look at me. I can’t even get a try-out to join a band. This last Saturday I went to the June Teenth festival. There was good food and good music. Every band that played had a guitar player. But I’m gonna keep trying. You keep trying too.

  2. I’m glad that you went for it. Now you are really on your way to becoming that French Actress LOL 🙂

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