Catching Up – The Random and the Frightening

If I had to describe this weekend in a short phrase, I would say it was kinda awesome.

Faced a big fear, learned a lesson.


It is difficult to walk by faith when worry/anxiety has been your motif operandi. Faith is the only surety in life. Relying on my own resources would mean never accomplishing anything. Relying on God's infinite resources is leading me into things I could only see in my dreams.#lessonlearned.

I had my first real audition. YEAH!

Back when I was taking classical vocal lessons, I had the opportunity to audition for a musical and chickened out. I, once again, was looking at my circumstances and limited resources. I told myself that if I ever got a second chance, I would not let fear keep me from it.

So I happen to know somebody, who knows somebody who knows somebody, that was casting a play. I met her over a year or two ago. She kept me on her email list. I told her when we met that if she knew of any auditions, if she could keep me in mind. Fast forward a year or two I get this email. They are casting an African American actress in a play.

My own resources = no acting class in forever, no head shots, no recent experience. God's resources = infinite.

Longer story short, I studied the slides, went in and had a blast.

I read one scene and was given a monologue,asked to review it and come back. I finished my monologue and the woman said, "That was great!"

SOOOO, I hope I got it. I am still a winner though because I finally #facedmyfear.

What triumphs are you celebrating this week?

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