Who Really Cares Who Reggie Bush is Dating?

Apparently, there is some outrage among black women that Reggie Bush, who is famously dating Kim Kardashian, is on the Essence cover entitled Black Men, Love and Relationship Issue. The comments are off the chain!

The problem?

These sisters are screaming bloody murder because Reggie Bush is not (at least not currently) dating a black woman.

Who really cares who Reggie Bush is dating?

  • The only things I know about Reggie Bush is that he is a football player AND he is dating Kim Kardashian. PERIOD!
  • I am not a football fan so I did not know who Reggie Bush was until he started dating Kim Kardashian.
  • If he was not dating Kim Kardashian but was Tiger Wood'ing (pun intended) a bunch of black women would that be okay?
  • Seriously, he's not even that hot.
  • There was an earthqauke in Haiti that affects millions, are we really THAT concerned over a football player and his girlfriend.
  • It's 2010!! Get over it!

Am I trippin' for thinkinh this is much ado about nothing?

9 thoughts on “Who Really Cares Who Reggie Bush is Dating?

  1. Tiger Wood’ing! LOL!
    Form what people have told me, the uproar is that this issue was supposed to be about black relationships and since Bush is in a relationship with a non-black woman, allot of people are pissed-just what I was told.

  2. C1:
    I get it but this whole outrage over interracial romance is getting OLD. I read the comments and they sound a bit racist. Is Kim K even white? I guess it doesn’t matter cause she’s not black. lol

  3. I don’t know if KIm K is white or not, but she’s not black and that seemed to be enough for allot of those folks.
    Yeah, I hear what you are saying. Even now, anytime somebody brings up interracial relationships things can get pretty ugly real fast-especially on the net where everyone is anonymous. Some of those comments were straight off the chain!

  4. If Reggie wants to spend his time with Kim, that’s his business. Personally, I just don’t understand ,of all people, why Kim K? Let’s take you for example… you write, you paint, and you can sing (and you’re a cutie pie too [smile]). And Kim K? She can’t act, she can’t dance, she can’t sing… nothing! Every time they get mentioned on Access Hollywood, TMZ, etc., I figure, “Hey, if that’s who like he lokes being with, OK!

  5. " . . .you write, you paint, and you can sing (and you're a cutie pie too [smile]). And Kim K?"
    That's what I'm saying. LOL. Thanks Smooth. You always say the nicest things.

  6. It’s funny that this subject should come up. I was over at my nephew’s house watching the Jets defeat the Chargers with his wife. After the game, they started to watch, what’s the name of that program… “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”? Anyway, I watched with them for a while. It didn’t take me 5 minutes to see that the Kardashian girls, along with their mom, are nothing women. The one who’s going to have a baby has a boy friend (the baby’s father) who is nothing but a bum. He doesn’t work, he’s not trying to improve himself by seeking a higher education, learning a trade at a trade school, etc. All he does is come over to the Kardashian’s house and hangs around the swimming pool all day doing nothing! The middle one doesn’t say a thing that makes any kind of sense! And Lakers star Lamar Odom married her? Why? And Kim K? Now she’s something else! Her mom came over to Kim’s place to remind her that she had a photo shoot later that day. Kim says, ” I don’t feel like it today… I don’t feel sexy today… I’m so stressed.” “Stressed”? Why? The hardest thing she does is sit on that big, fat booty and count Reggie’s millions! Is she serious? Those wenches are as sorry as Paris Hilton!

  7. I’m currently attending a predominantly white school (UF) and while it used to kind of urk me how some of the black guys would seem to prefer white girls (or anything besides black) I’ve now gotten over it now that i’m a senior. I would even argue that black male/white female relationships are no longer as taboo as they once were. It’s definitely become a norm in American society- maybe not always accepted, but still something that people are used to seeing.
    I just got to the point where I realized it was pointless to be angry about people who don’t even know you, or care what you think. They’re living their lives and loving freely and there’s nothing wrong with that. I realized that the only reason I was angry was because I believed that society did not grant me the same privilege to love as freely (in many ways, this is true, but that’s another topic).
    My only concerns with black men dating outside their race has more to do with the black community as a whole, as opposed to me worrying as to whether I can find a compatible mate in life. At the end of the day, when you have chemistry with someone, it doesn’t matter what color they are.

  8. Gatorgirl:
    Thank you for your heartfelt words. What you will also learn as the years go by, is that guys at that age are stinky, bums, regardless of color. LOL. They don't even shower everyday. Trust me, I have nephews and brothers that I grew up with. You are not missing anything.
    I learned as I got older that the world is a big, big place. Bigger than me, my school, my religion, my 'hood, or my city. People are diverse and think differently. So, give it time, mature, focus on school and you won't miss that "good guy" when he comes.
    Peace and Love,

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