True Love in the Midst of Tragedy

I was  watching Keith Olbermann today as he was showing Haiti coverage. This one particular story had me in tears.
A man stood in vigilant watch as trucks removed debris from a collapsed bank. Although it had been several days and everyone inside was presumed dead, this guy kept watch. Every time the trucks would clear a  bit of rubble, he would rush in searching. After 5 days, he heard a faint voice. IT WAS HIS WIFE.
He tried to dig her out but they did not have the proper tools so he had to wait until rescue crews came. She WAS ALIVE. Only her hand was caught under a collapsed wall.
As the woman became visible, the crew lowered a camera and microphone to her. After asking for water, she told them to tell her husband that even if she did not make it out that she loved him very much and he should NEVER forget it. She was finally pulled  out alive because he never gave up!!!!

2 thoughts on “True Love in the Midst of Tragedy

  1. I saw one the other night not sure if it was the same couple but when they pulled the woman out she came out singing. That brought tears to my eyes.

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