I Wish I Were A Little Bit Taller. . .

Remember that song by Skee-LO. It was a huge hit circa 1995.

Have you ever felt that if something was just a little different about you, your whole life could change?

Have you ever been in a public area and seen a child throw a tantrum and look to the heavens and say, "I WISH I were this child's mother so that I could shake the devil out of him/her?" LOL. Kidding. NEVER SHAKE A CHILD. . . in public. LOL

At what point do you stop wishing and MAKE IT HAPPEN?

My Goals for the remaining year:

  1. Work out at least 3x per week.
  2. Eat more FRESH fruit and vegetable.
  3. Pay off credit card.
  4. Win the LOTTO! Create sound financial plan to accomplish goals.
  5. Go on a date!! A REAL ONE! LOL
  6. HIRE A MAID!!! Outsourcing in this sense is good thing America!

What is on your wish list that you want to MAKE happen this year?

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