De-Racialization Surgery – Yes You Read That Correctly

This video is quite disturbing but details an ugly truth. Look at the recent event of Sammy Sosa's dramatic change. Who can forget Michael Jackson's DRAMATIC feature/skin change?

If you could change your race. would you?


6 thoughts on “De-Racialization Surgery – Yes You Read That Correctly

  1. I don’t know what Jet;s problem is because she’s not bad looking.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Ms.Cutie Pie.

  2. I wouldn’t, no. My decision, though, has less to do with “racial” pride and more to do with personal pride. I like who I am, which includes the way I look–as is.
    I don’t presume to know what’s in the head of people who do things like this, although I have to admit “self-hatred” comes to mind.

  3. One of the commentators in the video says basically these people want to be white any other excuse given is a front. I am not sure how surgery will make you happy if you are fundamentally unhappy to begin with.

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