When Did You Fall In Love With Me – Chris Rice

I have so many memories and the weirdest ones come back to me at the strangest times.

The thunder and rain woke me up early so I had a banana smoothie and decided to blog.

I used to work long hours at this bank. We had MUZAK. If you have ever worked retail you are quite familiar with MUZAK. It is incredibly cheesy music that is sold to corporations to be played over the store audio system. At first there were CDs that we had to order, then we got satellite. Whoopee. 


This song by Chris Rice would come on and my then manager and I would always sing it and laugh at ourselves. We always poked fun at the lyrics, especially, "my lips are free-eeee." LOL

But secretly, I totally hearted this song. If you listen, it has a nice groove to it. I bet is Marvin Gaye had remixed it, I wouldn't have laughed so much. I like this version too. It's so carefree. 

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