Went To Concert In A Backyard

It was fun. On a property outside of Dallas, this family owns some land and hosted the event.

I turned onto the is dirt road and thought Bessie, my GPS, was  playing tricks on me. So, I call my friend and it is indeed the place. So I continue down this gravel road with ditches on either side hoping that Blue Bell, my car, makes it. Somebody's yellow dog is barking at me, I am sure I am in an episode of Lassie.

So I am instructed to pull in on an open grass field and park. So far so good. I pat Bessie on the carriage and hope its doesn't rain or else Bessie and I will be spending the night on the open prairie for realz.

The set was nice. Their is a neat little house on this wide expanse of land. There was a makeshift stage erected from a flatbed tractor trailer outlines with tree lights and bails of hay.

Some local groups sang as we spread out on the lawn on chairs and blankets.

These are some of the groups featured.

www.myspace.com/bravomaxdallas These guys are pretty cool. The lead singer looks like he should be on One Tree Hill or something. Such a cutie. I Like Horn in Hell and Losing Her.

www.myspace.com/garrettowen This guy really has a good voice and some really nice songs.

www.myspace.com/matthewbridgmanmusic I missed this guy. He came on after I left.

The clouds started to roll in and I thought it best if me and Blue Bell mosied right along. So I thanked my hosts and got out of Dodge before sunset. I was so far out of town is was dark by the time I made it home.

Good times.

2 thoughts on “Went To Concert In A Backyard

  1. Didn’t especially care for the music. But I’m glad you had a nice time.
    Saw “The Soloist”. Very good movie. However, as the movie moved along, it began to drift away from the Jamie Fox character and more closely to the Robert Downey, Jr. character. Eventually, you ask yourself just who is “The Soloist” around here, Nathanial Ayers or Steve Lopez? Other than that, I liked it.

  2. Smooth T,
    The music was better live. I have had this experience with acoustic guitsr/live singing. The live version sounds way better than the recorded one. One guy sang songs that are not on his myspace page. Go figure.
    I am going to see either the Soloist of Wolverine.

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