What I Did Tonight?

Just got back from a networking event. It was quite interesting.

There was a Q&A section in which I asked a question of the group of panelists. My question: What entry point should a grad student shoot for within a company when  you have management experience but you are still in school?

The panelists answered with useful insight. Then an audience member jumped in and basically attacked me. SERIOUSLY!

I am a cool, Level-headed person and nothing really shakes me. I remained calmed as she jumped in saying something like, "Well, what is your background? Out of all the things you said I know nothing about who you are or what you have done. I mean I could not place you if I were hiring. Don't put everything on someone else to figure you out. You have to carry the load." Mind you she was loud with a MAJOR attitude.

So I say, "Excuse me, I do not follow."

She rambles on some more before the moderator takes the conversation back.

Normally, I would question myself, am I being to sensitive? But after the meeting,  she comes up to me and said, "I hope I did not offend you, I just recently had the same conversation with my neice."yada, yada, yada. 

A. I am not your neice and

B. Calm you crazy self down. This is a professional event.

Like five different people came up to me and said they could not believe she attacked me like that. One author just said a few words of encouragement to me, he was really nice. 

Strange. I am used to negative reactions from certain women. It's just how it is.

Besides the drama, I was looking pretty cute. I finally mastered my makeup. I mean to the point it almost looked professionally done. I would put up a picture but I have to be conscious of internet stalkers. I have two dresses that are my ace in the hole. No matter if I gain or lose weight they always flatter. I wore the dressier one tonight.

My shoes are another story. I used to wear heels all the time but the extra weight has made it a bit uncomfortable to walk long in them. Some people have jeans they wanna get into. I have shoes.

Shoes 3 

Nine West Sandals (Worn once)

Shoes 2 

Nine West Pumps (Worn once)

Shoes 1 

Hush Puppies (Need to Retire) but they have cushion and rubber bottoms. LOL

I am going to an outdoors concert tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “What I Did Tonight?

  1. Nice shoes. I especially like the pumps.
    Yeah, I know what ya mean about someone coming out of a crack in the sidewalk and giving you some attitude. I’m having it out with someone at another site right now, and all I said is that Arlen Specter going over to the Democrats might be a good thing.
    Have a nice time at the concert. I’m going to see “The Soloist”. I’ll tell ya about it.By the way, living here in Los Angeles, I’ve seen Nathaniel Ayers many times.

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