Jon and Kate Plus 8 – My Psychic Vision

Call me now!!! I totally saw this one coming.

I finally caught the train wreck that is Jon and Kate Plus 8 a few weeks ago. From my brief moments peering into their life I could see – Jon is not a happy man.

His wife is a ‘ball-buster’. She totally emasculates him. Maybe she think this is cute because he rarely jumps back. However, passive men always get even, passive-aggressive even.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin says the paparazzi photos of him leaving a bar with an unidentified woman “showed poor judgment.” The father of eight was photographed, sans wedding ring, leaving Legends Lounge near his Pennsylvania home with a woman around 2 a.m. on April 18, Us Weekly reports. According to the report, he was overheard calling the woman “babe” and urged her to get into his car when cameras started flashing. SOURCE

Not that I was rooting for this to happen. It is sad when these alleged things happen. My question is can a woman bring this type of behavior on herself? Is this Jon way of getting even because she won’t allow him to be the man of the house? I am curious as to your opinions.

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