Live Without Regrets

God is amazing in how he reveals things to you.

There were certain situations in my life when I thought, man, if I had only turned left instead of right then everything would be different.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about making the wrong decision. Low and behold, I get contacted by said person only to find out that my memory was foggy. Sometimes we forget the negatives in a relationship through the foggy haze of nostalgia. This person though still cool was also still very shallow among other things.

Then I remembered reading something somwhere that for everything we give up, we gain something in return, so you can never actually lose and there is no need for regret. For example, if you lose a job, you are now free to pursue other careers, start that business you have always wanted to, write a book, or start exercising.

I know what I gained and I am living it now. Life without baggage.

This Negative Thought Fast has me waxing all poetic and stuff. lol

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