My People We Must Do Better

This is the biggest display of foolishness I have seen in a while. We have a Black First Family and the media does not hesitate to provide ample displays of stupidity within the black community. I can't blame the media if we keep providing ammunition.


**I removed the second video. The guy who posted it is an obvious racist and I refuse to give him any more clicks.**

If there is a camera outside of a Chicken joint, BLACK PEOPLE DON"T STOP! Crying about the lack of chicken is NEVER a good look. NEVER.

"I'm more disapointed than angry. We've been looking forward to this day."

"No chicken?!?! ….Or they just outta chicken?"

I would laugh if I weren't crying a little inside.

6 thoughts on “My People We Must Do Better

  1. Yeah, my emotions were all jumbled up over this one. Funny yet sad….and I know there were a few of our Caucasian brothers and sisters in the line as well. Guarantee that they ended up on the cutting room floor.

  2. Melle Mel:
    A few people echoed those same sentiments on another site. I cannot believe newsrooms are still doing this. How is this a nightly news story? How did the newscams know to be there? Did they run out of chicken on purpose? Stakeout and wait for the folk to show up.
    On another note, thanks for finally posting. lol

  3. LOL! Ok maybe I am strange but I thought this was beyond funny. Taula I no longer feel like I have to stand up and be the face and represent other black people. We are just like everyone else we do dumb sh*t too. Why should I feel embarrassed for something that has nothing to do with me.

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