A Negative Thought Fast

How about a diet for your mind?

I caught Joel Olsteen on TV and he mentioned an interesting concept, a fast to cleanse your mind.

Much like a fast to cleanse the body of toxins, the Negative Though Fast (I am paraphrasing) is to cleanse your mind of the negative thoughts that have been fed to you and that you feed yourself.

You know like; I'm not _____ enough, I am too _____, I hate ____ about myself, I will never have/accomplish _____.

These thoughts poison our self-esteem and impedes our development. So essentially every time you think one of these thoughts, stop and reaffirm one of God's promises. Like, I am the head and not the tail. I am blessed wherever I go. I am a child of God. (I am paraphrasing).

When you do cut off that negative thought, you have stuck to your diet. 

That's some food for thought. **Corny pun intended.**

I think I am going to try this diet. I need to lose a few negative pounds around the midsection.

6 thoughts on “A Negative Thought Fast

  1. Not only cut off negative thoughts, cut off negative people in your life. Stop covering up. Take it off; hiding behind clothes and thoughts continue our negativity. Covering it up for weeks and months; we wake up and; Oh! my gosh we are upset with what we see.
    Get rid of the negativity.

  2. Very true words, G4M.
    I have been consciously doing this and it really works. I cut out the negative people a few years back but did not address the negative thought, until now.

  3. Kristin:
    Just like a food fast the frst few days are the toughest. I did not realize how many negative thought I allowed to permeate my mind. I am gonna stick with it though.

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