How Hard Is It to Find A Man? Really.

According to this guest on Tyra Banks, it is. I really felt sorry for her when I saw this:

You really don't need to watch more than the intro.


The black woman cries that no man of any race wants her.

Tyra's response: I think you are finding the wrong guys.

My response: Genius! **insert sarcasm here**

I felt both sorrow and disgust at the woman's emotional outburst. Why did she assume that her inability to get a man was due soley to her race? She seems a bit of an emotional wreck and she is a bit chubby. Perhaps those, among other, characteristics make her self-conscious around guys. IDK.

It's difficult to see educated women depressed about the inability to find a man. I mean there are 5 billion plus people on this planet. All you need is one. Get out of your comfort zone.

I see so many women compromise and settle for Craig and 'nem while never venturing outside of their hood, church, social circle. I also have seen women who want model looks, super wealthy men when they are a little plain Jane themselves with a lot of debt.

I recall specifically a girl, who shall remain nameless, fretting over whether she should date a guy who was not wealthy. Keep in mind, neither was she although she made more than he did by maybe 15-20k a year. This guy had a great job with growth potential and a side hustle that could payoff in a few years. The guy she wanted? The one with money? Yeah, he was already married and had been selling her this dream for years that he would leave his wife, yada, yada, yada.

Well, I told her she was a doggone fool if she let that get in the way of having her OWN man who actually loved her enough to marry her. In the end she chose the right guy.

So what to make of this crying woman? Does she have a legitimate beef or is she misguided in her pursuit of love?

Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks.

9 thoughts on “How Hard Is It to Find A Man? Really.

  1. One of these days someone is gonna put their foot dead in that cracker boy’s booty. The faster that happens, the better as far as I’m concerned.
    The Bible says no dating outside of your race? Show me! Where does it say that? If anyone can show me where it says that, I wanna see!

  2. I was just saying there are all kinds of racist white folks; however, this guy is the best kind: Why? Because he’s up front with his beliefs. There are plenty of ‘color blind’ whites who share similar sentiments but you’ll never hear them to your face.

  3. Ironically, I prefer the upfront kind. At least they are honest and you know what you are gonna get. He really doesn’t get how unimportant his views are. The people he is continually hating on are succeeding while he spends his time stewing in ignorance.

  4. That show was really crazy. I like Tyra and all but her responses were so superficial.
    What really struck me was that black girl’s crying response that no race wanted her. It seemed so sad and desperate. I understand where she is coming from. I just thought Tyra could have really expounded on the underlying issues of her outburst.

  5. I wonder if that young lady has set her bar to an unreasonable height? You know, a guy who has model-perfect looks, will have her up to her forehead in money, etc. I’ve known a few of those kind in my day.

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