Kim Kardashian – Before and After

To paraphrase Jamie Foxx, blame it on the Ph-Ph-Ph-Ph-Photoshop!


I actually don't think the Photoshop was overdone here. Especially compared to some other pop stars who shall remain nameless.

I still wonder why Kim K is famous. It is also curious to me how a sex tape can kill one person's career and launch another's.

Any-who, there is buzz over this shot because the photo on the left was accidentally uploaded to I think it is healthy to see the true images of these stars who are presented as perfect. Little girls need to know that these ideals that they aspire to are not the truth.

Check out of few more.


Making her skinnier seems totally unnecessary to me.

Jenniferbefore  Jenniferafter 

Again, making her skinnier seems totally unnecessary.


4 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian – Before and After

  1. I think Kim Kardashian is quite beautiful; however, her character seems to be quite lacking, to say the least. She’s certainly not a woman you’d want to take home to mom.

  2. I think she was more beautiful before her nose job. I think Ashley Simpson was more beautiful before her nose job. Their faces were more standout and exceptional. Now they are just like everybody else, vapid.

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