I Need Your Input. . .

. . .once again.

If you are a regular reader of TalulaZoeApple, you will have noticed a decline in posts. Part of it was due to overwhelming schoolwork. The other part is my new project. I am starting a new blog and I need your help.

Don't worry, TZA will always be up and running and my true love. I am starting a more niche blog and I would like to ask you for you ideas on this question:

"What do black girls like?"

That's it. No other parameters. To be clear by girls I mean adult women but in the spirit of fun I use the word girls. The answers can be from serious to quirky. It does not matter if you are white, black, Latino or other. It does not matter if you are a mature woman or barely out of college. It does not even matter if you are a guy who just really knows women.

I want to hear from you. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “I Need Your Input. . .

  1. I first dealt with a black girl when I was 22 ( she was 19 ). I enjoyed myself so much, that’s where I stayed (it was sistas from then on). In all the years of enjoying black girls I have observed 3 things about them: 1) they all like being told nice things. 2) they all like being given nice things. 3) they all like being taken to nice places. Now come on fellas, what’s so hard about figuring that out? It must work like a charm because my wife has stayed with me for over 26 years.

  2. No ideas on this subject, fellas? That’s pitiful. Come on, all the ladies wanna hear from us.

  3. I just like experiencing new things. I went to the Chicago Golden Glove Semi-finals this weekend. I had a blast. Next is training to run this 5K that I have been talking about for over a year.

  4. I agree, TB,
    I take it that your foot is better. I just got back into the swing of thungs yesterday morning. Good luck with the 5k. I am still scared to give myself a concrete goal yet. I need to build up my confidence I guess.
    If you think of more specific things send them to me.

  5. Hey Taula,
    I like when Black women encourage each other. I would love to see a blog focusing on black women encouraging one another.

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