Ciara and Justin Cause Controversy

If you follow contemporary RnB, you know that there has been a continual downward spiral in content and quality. Artists of caliber have been pushed to the background while mediocre talent with hyper-sexualized images have moved to the forefront; Rihanna, Beyonce, and of course Ciara.

They are not alone of course and I actually like some of their songs. I applaud their success. I do think these artists overdo it in the sex sells department.

I do not however agree with the author of a post over at SoulBounce. 

Someone please explain why Justin Timberlakecontinually gets a pass to fetishize and exploit the image of Black women. Right now. Because after watching him aggressively pulling on a chain wrapped around Ciara's neck only to later use her bending body as a leaning post in her new video for "Love Sex Magic," it's getting ludicrously difficult to understand.

It been years since "Nipplegate" after which he distanced himself from Janet Jackson, cowardly allowing her to endure the overly harsh criticism alone. The outcry against his actions from those of us in the indignant minority was quickly overshadowed by an increase in album sales, multiple music awards and an increase in his Pop stardom miming Black music and culture. Instead of subjecting his next project with trepidation–let alone dismissal–nearly every "urban" club, radio station and music channel on the planet had the masses bumping to a song with a hook that's about shackles, whipping and slavery. SOURCE

Personally, I think the author's real issue is with Justin Timberlake's whiteness. I think attributing to him the attributes of a slave master is wrong, displaced, and absolves women of culpability in these actions. He's a pop star for goodness sake.

Besides he's safe. It is easy to yell, "bad, bad white man!" than to hold the fire to a music industry that has taught the world how to correctly objectify women.

Here is the video that started it all. You may leave your opinions in the comments section. Thanks.

I do like the song, though.

11 thoughts on “Ciara and Justin Cause Controversy

  1. It is amazing how people can watch or hear the exact same thing and come away with something compeletly different. Soulbounce was off and I agree with you this is an issue because JT is white. BTW JT better be easy that is 50’s woman.

  2. Taula, I like the thought of a rough neck when I was all of 18 looking to rebel because I was grown! But now I have me a nice square type that can get buck when he needs to.
    Oh and yeah I heard he bought her a phantom (spelling?).

  3. Prior to this I never had heard or seen the video. The author of that article was way off base. Sex, sex and even more sex on top of the sex sells.
    I like the song and actually JT could tie me up with chains if he wanted to….but hey that’s just me…LOL

  4. I don’t think JT is the problem. When I first saw the video, I was disgusted with Ciara. She chose to put herself out there like that. She chose to allow JT to hold a chain that was attached to her body. To me, she looks like she is trying too hard. It’s like, “Look at me! I can be sexy too! Look!!”
    I disagree with the author over at SoulBounce completely. Slavery? Whatever. They acting like Ciara had no input in the matter. LOL….. It’s just cuz he’s white. Get over it SoulBounce.

  5. I never noticed the chain when I first saw it. I had to rewatch the video. That was a bit too much for me. All of these pop stars are naked and gyrating. My problem is wht single out Ciara. I can name a bunch of pop stars who crawl on all fours, spread their legs, and pop their booties from here til Tuesday and they get to sing for the President.

  6. They did a big “Justin exploits black women” post over at racialicious. But for rappers this kind of stuff is commonplace. Remember when Snoop was dragging black women on chains with him to awards shows with see through shirts? Yet, they allowed that clown in the Nation of Islam!

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