Chris Rock’s Good Hair

Chris Rock has a movie debuting at Sundance this week about black people's hair and the big business that fuels the weave/perm craze.

The documentary was born from an innocent question his young daughter asked. Rock tells of how his daughter Lola came to him crying asking, "How come I don't have good hair?" Rock who states that he felt telling and showing his daughter he loved her would instill her with the self-esteem needed to avoid such self-loathing pitfalls set out on a journey to answer that question for himself – and "Good Hair" was born.


If you are a frequent reader of TalulaZoeApple, then you are well aware that I rock my natural do. I am not militant about it and don't feel that women who chemically alter their hair are self-loathing. I do, however, know women who HATE, literally hate their hair texture and are in a never ending quest to achieve long flowing "Indian Hurr".

I have seen women with bald sides, alopecia, ratted ends still weaving/perming it up when clearly these practices are hurting them physically. Anything to keep from showing their nappy roots.

I was sitting in a church on Sunday, in a congregation of about 500 or so people. A good 90% were black women. Out of this 450 or so women 3 of us wore our hair natural. Every other woman had a "phony pony" or wig or sew-in. I know I should have been concentrating on the Lord but this seriously disturbed me.

I cannot wait to see Chris Rock's take on this phenomena. Oh, BTW, Al Sharpton makes an appearance. I have ALWAYS wanted to know the lowdown on his 'do.

4 thoughts on “Chris Rock’s Good Hair

  1. I can (and do) appreciate black women like you who’ve chosen to wear their hair in its natural state sans all of the self-righteousness and finger-wagging directed toward those who don’t.
    As for the whole good hair thing, I think it’s too deeply ingrained in the collective psyche of black people to ever go away.
    I don’t remember being aware of hair texture as a child, which I think says a lot because I didn’t look like the other children who were around.
    When I first became aware of “good hair” it was after a black girl told me she liked mine because it was good. When I looked at hers, I knew exactly what she meant. I’ve got mixed feelings about good hair, honestly, something I think I’ve alluded to before. All of that said, I’d be interested to see Rock’s take on it–especially since he wears (or has worn) a texturizer.

  2. Um, excused me. The proper term is ‘Jheri Curl’!! Just kidding.
    I think ‘good hair’ is healthy, groomed hair. I have seen ‘bad’ perms, weaves, naturals, locks etc.
    I do think it a bit ‘low brow’ for grown folk to use the term ‘good hair’ seriously.

  3. LOL! It’s Sportin’ Waves, but don’t tell anyone.
    I agree that good hair is hair that grows, but would expand that to include hair that’s easily groomed/maintained.
    Good hair … like you, I used to have a problem with the phrase, but it’s succinct and evocative; everyone knows what it means.
    You’re tough to figure out, Talula. Last week you tweaked me for being pretentious and now you’re saying that “good hair” is low brow. Hmmmmm … what goes on in that head of yours?

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