On Blogging, Tiger Woods, and Renee Fleming

Classes have begun for me so my blogging may be a bit sparse. This being the inauguration weekend as well, I will hold off on the controversial rants for the sake of peace.

Did anyone hear Tiger Woods speech? He spoke about military families blah, blah, blah. I would have killed to hear him yell in his best James Brown voice, "Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud!" Too much? Ok, then, "Say it loud, I'm Cablasian and I'm proud!"

If you skip to the 2:20 mark you will see opera singer Renee Fleming perform Walk On.

9 thoughts on “On Blogging, Tiger Woods, and Renee Fleming

  1. Talk about a snooze fest.
    I kept waiting for him to say something interesting, but he refused, seemingly in spite of the oocasion.
    I get that he has to play it neutral when it comes to politics, lest he alienate a good portion of his fan base, but if he couldn’t do any better than that, he should have stayed at home.

  2. I only watched to see Renee Fleming. Tiger Woods is so careful not to mention race or anything close to it that he just becomes bland and uninteresting.
    It cannot be lost to him the similarities he has to Obama, ya know, in popularity, being the “first” in something that was exclusively white.
    Honestly, I didn’t expect much else.

  3. Ms. TZA and LH, I’m going to stay out of round two. As I said in my last reply to LH, I’m up to my forehead with his nonsense. What did you say, LH, I didn’t convince you that early humans came out of Africa? Well, believe you me, your efforts to convince me that early humans originated elsewhere were abysmal at best and failed miserably. Have fun you two.

  4. ST, I’m impressed! You posted a comment that I don’t have to scroll up to read? Nice.
    But … I’m not trying to convince you of anything. I actually hope you continue to live in darkness.

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