Why Do Black Girls Go On The Bachelor?

This is a question my brother posed to me a few weeks back. I sat tonight watching Momma's Boys and asked myself the same question.

Momma's Boys is my new reality show addiction. It is a "Bachelor" type show. There are three guys accompanied by their moms who are selecting from a group of women. Each week the crowd is whittled down as girl after girl is eliminated.

I don't understand why the producers cast black girls when the guys and in this case their moms have absolutely no intention of picking a black girl. Of the three guys one in Jewish, the other white and Iraqi and the last one a blond dude. The blond dude doesn't even fake it. He has never chosen one of the black girls. The Iraqi mom said straight out she does not want a black, a Jew, an Asian, a fat girl or anything none white for her son. Strange considering she is from Iraq.

Mommamaisha  MommaMisty  Mommacamilla Maisha, Misty, Camilla (from Left to right)

The son of the Iraqi and the Jewish guy have made out with the black girls but they also send them home. There is one lone hold out, a pick for the Jewish guy.

The moms are the worst. You would think that people would not be that overtly racist but they are and it's scary. These guys are all for fooling around with black girls but they don't take them seriously knowing that their mom/family is against it.

The black girls they eliminated are stunningly beautiful. Of the girls they kept, one is a Playmate of the Year, the others are plain Jane or bleached blond.

BTW, these guys are NOT THE BUSINESS. They should be grateful someone is even looking twice in their direction.

Mommasboys37sm    Mommasboys38sm

In this scenario, does reality imitate life or is the drama concocted for ratings?

6 thoughts on “Why Do Black Girls Go On The Bachelor?

  1. That’s funny because I was thinking the EXACT same thing. The easiest answer I came up with is these sistas are wanting to break into show business and they see it as a way in. Black or white, that’s why most people go on reality shows in the first place. A lot of them even have agents that have coached them for what the reality show producers are looking for before they send them to the casting calls.

  2. The two women on the ends are attractive. The one in the middle? not so much. Whatevs.
    As to why black women appear on Bachelor-like shows, I think it’s largely because the producers of these shows know that if they don’t cast black women, people will trot out the r-word.
    I’m not surprised the men on such shows don’t choose the black women for anything more than a romp in the hay, and not because something is wrong with the women. It’s art imitating life.
    Most non-black men don’t see black women as anything other than a sexual fantasy. As to why that’s so, well, I don’t presume to know what’s in their heads. Also, as you discussed, the families ain’t havin’ that whole “down with the swirl” action.

  3. LH:
    Two of the girls were crying when they were eliminated. It makes you wonder what they were thinking. These guys obviously did not take them seriously. I guess I should explore why this is so.

  4. Why it’s so that the men don’t take them seriously? It’s because of the way black women are negatively stereotyped.

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