More Reality TV Drama

I should give up reality tv for lent, as well as sugar. Really, I should. I don't quite understand the goal of the Charm School series. The reunion show always ends violently. Usually, the hostess is the least likely to explode in rage but starnger things have happened.

8 thoughts on “More Reality TV Drama

  1. OMG! You know what is really sad, is that reality TV is still hot. I could have sworn three years ago reality TV would be so passe. Yet, they still manage to pull amazing tv audience numbers.

  2. I never watched this show but I saw this teased in a commercial and meant to see it live. This was just as good. I have no clue who the blonde bimbo was that said that to Sharon; however, to some extent, she was partially right. The only reason Sharon is famous is because she is Ozzy’s wife. But that is the type of thing that reality television breeds

  3. For all of you who love reality TV, please foregive me for saying so, but reality TV is some dumb-you-down TV. It reminds me of ” Fahrenheit 451″ by Bradbury. It speaks of a dystopian society where TV is used to keep the public in the dark as to what’s really going on.

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