Kelly Rowland . . . because I Always Root for the Underdog.

This blogging thing makes me privy to all rumors and innuendo which I dutifully report back to you. Well it looks like Destiny's "Step" Child Kelly Rowland is a big hit in the UK selling over a million records while here in the States she gets no promotion love.

The SingersRoom is reporting that she is dumping Matthew "Beyonce Daddy" Knowles for her own management. I hope things work out. After all, I am sure you all were sitting on the edge of your seats awaiting this news with baited breath. LOL

I was almost a DC fan. Really, but just as I started to like them the members switched and I lost interest. At least Kelly sounds good live, is not lip-syncing, or has that horrible echo mike-assisted sound like some other  child that shal remain nameless.


8 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland . . . because I Always Root for the Underdog.

  1. I’ve always liked Kelly Rowland. As I’ve said before, she is the only other truly talented singer in Destiny’s Child besides Beyonce. However, I’m not feelin’ this song. It has too much of a Beyonce sound to it. She should have stuck to that style she did with the single “Stole” from her fist cd. That song was HOT!

  2. Have always been smitten by Ms. Rowland … until she begins to sing. Once that happens, I understand why she has, does and will always play second fiddle to Beyonce.
    She has about as much talent as my shoes.

  3. I disagree LH. I think she lacks confidence but I have heard them as DC sing a gospel song and she hit the hardest notes and sustained them the longest. It’s so hard nowadays to tell who is really singing or who is digitally/e;ectronically assisted.
    That said, I am a J-Hud fan myself. I just like to root for the underdog.

  4. I think she lacks confidence also. If she would just go all out, she would be just as big as Ms. Knowles. I liked Destiny’s Child and I like(d) Beyonce. This latest crap that she dropped is ridiculous. I don’t get it. Why would someone with so much talent release what she did? But anywho….
    I like Kelly. Especially that song with Tank on her album. It’s called “After the Show” or something like that… She can sing. And its not surprising that she is a hit in Europe. The US is so brainwashed on what’s hot and what’s not….

  5. I don’t think her management promotes her in America to the full extent they do in the UK. I heard a rumor that she is dropping the Knowles as her management company. Maybe then she will blow up.

  6. Kelly has much talent and could be a great star with better management so I definitely hope that is true.

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