The Red Balloon

There is a French short film called Le Ballon Rouge or the The Red Balloon. Written by Albert Lamorisse, his own little son stars in the Oscar winning short. 

Skip the next paragraph if you want the movie to surprise you.

A little boy rescues a balloon entangled around a poll. The floating red balloon follows this kid around. They become friends until a big gang of bullies catch the little boy and pop the balloon. Then a gang of multi colored balloons descend from the sky to rescue the kids and he floats off into the sky. The entire film has very little dialogue. 

I feel like that little kid when his little red balloon gets ganked. I just got used to following my dreams and it seems like life has popped my balloon. I still have hope but I am waiting for my gang of multi-colored balloons to come rescue me. 

 If you get a chance watch the short. It is really cute. I found the full short.

2 thoughts on “The Red Balloon

  1. I saw this when I was a boy of about 11. It made me sad when his balloon got flatened. But when all the balloons came from all over the city and took the little boy for a ride, I wished I was him.

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