Have You Ever Been Caught In The Rain?

One of the suckiest feelings in the world is to be caught in the rain. A real, drenching downpour with no awnings or umbrellas in sight. It's just you, the rain, and countless feet to your door step.

Caught in the rain

I only learned to drive two years ago. Meaning I walked and public transportation-ed my way through this world. There were many a time I have been caught in the rain. Most recently, I parked my car half way on the otherside of campus the day we had a torrential rain storm. It was already late so I wanted to try to make it home. I ended up walking about ten minutes in heavy rain. I mean rain so heavy I had to remove my glasses and find my way blindly through the dimly lit paths of my school. **sidenote** What is up with the illumination in DFW? Good grief some places are pitch black at night. Anyway. . .

Rain and a table

I made it to my car. I made it through the storm. I made it home and so will you.

Have you ever been caught in the rain? Literally and figuratively. How did you make it through?

4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been Caught In The Rain?

  1. I’m caught in one right now. It’s raining and I can’t see my way through. I’m fumbling around trying to make some sense of it all. sigh…. i can’t wait until this storm is over.

  2. I think that “Fullcomplexity” lives in Los Angeles like me. It was raining like crazy here yesterday.

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