Michelle Obama Gets Serenaded and Interviewed


4 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Gets Serenaded and Interviewed

  1. That was some good comedy. But on the serious side, Barak and Michelle are “elitists” all because they both graduated from universities? It ain’t their fault they’ve got that kind of brain power. If that’s the case, then I guess we’ve got a truck load of “elitists” runnin’ around. Here’s what I mean; let’s play a game I call “Where did they graduate from”. Ready? Here we go:
    Jesse Jackson….North Carolina A&T
    Samuel L. Jackson….Morehouse College
    Oprah Winfrey….Tennessee State
    Spike Lee….Morehouse College
    Radio presonality Tom Joyner….Tuskegee University
    Star Jones….American University
    Benjamin Jealous, President of the NAACP….Columbia University
    Gwen Ifill….Simmons College
    Tracy Ellis Ross….Brown University
    Venus Williams….The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
    Tavis Smiley…. The University of Indiana
    Barak Obama….Columbia University
    Michelle Obama….Princeton University
    Montel Williams…. United States Naval Academy
    Shaquil O’Neal….Louisiana State
    “Smooth Thug”….California State University at Long Beach
    Looks like McCain and Palin have got all sorts of “elitists” to deal with!

  2. Here’s 5 more “elitists” that I remembered off hand:
    The first Divorce Court judge, Judge Mableen…Pomona-Pitzer College
    The current Divorce Court judge, Judge Lynn Toler….Harvard
    Judge Mathis….Eastern Michigan University
    Judge Joe Brown….The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
    “Smooth Thug’s” wife….Los Angeles Trade and Technical College
    Are you also an “elitist” Ms. TalulaZoeApple”? If you are please add your name to the list.

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