The Smurfs

I don't know why the Smurfs are my most favorite cartoon of all time. The characters, though fictional, are rather annoying and the plots predcitable. Yet each time, I happen across an episode on cable, I watch it full length. When you think about it none of it makes sense. A village full of little blue people with only one female. Why did Gargamel always want to eat them? Had he ever had smurf before? It seems to me they always escaped, so how does he know what they taste like?

Are the Smurfs a metaphor for life? Are we all villagers threatened by outside forces only to be saved by the all knowing and all powerful "Papa Smurf"? I know, I am trippin'. This is what happens when an insomniac blogs. You get posts about smurfs and life.  

Go ahead and watch it. You know you want to! LOL.

6 thoughts on “The Smurfs

  1. Rumor has it that the Smurf were the mastermind of some guy who was trippin’ on ‘shrooms. He saw little blue people and thus the idea of the Smurfs was born


  2. LOL @ Vanity Smurf. That Smurf is geigh, geigh, geigh!
    Loved that cartoon as well and watching that clip brings back memories. I used to run home from school to watch the Smurfs!


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