Is McCain Paying for Tokens at Rallies?

James T Harris is the African American man who "begged" John McCain to go after Obama's character. The incredible thing about this encounter is not Harris' race but the fact that he is not your average Joe Six-pack.

James T Harris is, however, a conservative talk show host in Wisconsin and that's not all folks. He owns Illumination which is kind of a PR firm. On his website he describes what his company does as:

"Motivational awareness, framing an issue in a whole new light."

My eyebrows are raised as I type. This is exactly what he said at a WisconsinrRally earlier this week.

"I doubt that anyone in this room has taken, pardon me, the ass-whuppin' that I have taken for supporting you. Sir, I believe that in the next coming debate it is absolutely vital that you take it to Obama and that you hit him where it hits" [sic]. The crowd exploded. "ACORN is out there, we have Reverend Wright, all of these shady characters that surrounded him. I am begging you, sir." Source


If you have seen the footage of these McCain/Palin rallies, you will notice that they are angry, racially charged events, reminiscent of a lynch mob. The fact that an African American male seeking to score points on a national stage would urge this angry mob to "go after" Obama is unbelievable and unforgivable.

Just a few more quotes from his web site.

"If you can get a room full of rednecks to like you, then you must be doing something right."

WTH. Is this supposed to be funny? Is it okay if those same rednecks want to saddle up their horses and go after Barack but as long as they give you a pass it's okay?

This is America and we are free to support whomever we choose. There are some black republicans who believe in whatever Republicans are believing nowadays. There is no room, however, for tokenism at the expense of the safety and respect that Barack Obama rightfully deserves.

PS. This video from Blogger Interrupted will blow your mind with the level of utter ignorance and stupidity.

10 thoughts on “Is McCain Paying for Tokens at Rallies?

  1. You know I saw this “begging negro” and I truly wanted to do him bodily harm. “Begging Negro” I hope your mother is not still alive because you have brouht untold shame to your family, by begging a white man to do anything for you. The only thing missing was a please massa.

  2. White America wants for the presidency to stay in their hands. If McCain and that lady make it up there, it will solidify the old racial boundaries that define America’s nationhood. By winning the presidency, white America will continue to contain the Afro-American community at the margines of the political/economic construct. But Barak Obama’s campaign puts a new kind of stress on whites, one that whites have never felt before, because whites at one time saw themselves as the norm. They now feel helpless as they see their identities fast becoming particularized and minoritized. They also see their ideas as superior becoming just one more among many other identities and that makes them very uneasy and uncomfotable. Whites are now becoming aware of their status as just another minority and the mandatory reassessment of their relationships with peoples of color that comes with that realization; they know that at one time they had the luxury of not having to deal with their own racial background. But discourse and the conventional text changed when Barak Obama started running for president. And Lord have mercy, what is it that bothers whites about the name “Barak”? It is a Semitic/Hebrew name that means “Lightning”. Another translations “He is a blessing”. And before I get some dim wit trying to tell me that the Semitic peoples were Arab, the Semitic peoples also included Hebrews! They, the Semitic peoples, were distributed in the Middle East and along the nothern coast of the African continent.”Barak” is not an Arabic name!!

  3. Smooth Thug,
    I don’t believe in a monolithic “white America” or “Black America”. I do believe in Barack’s vision of one America.
    Just because some on the right are radical and full of hate I don’t equate that behavior with all Republicans or white people. I think when we do that, be it our own view or in response to racism, we “take the bait.” Everyone retreats to their side of the ring and we stay divided and unproductive.
    McCain was forced to defend Barack Obam to his own supporters today. He had to blatantly tell the crowd that Barack is a “good, decent, family guy” and they only disagree on fundamental issues. Some in the crowd applauded(most) but a few booed.

  4. Ms. “TalulaZoeApple”, Sweetheart, the concept of “E Pluribus Unum” is a myth. OK, I’ll give anybody the assumption that not all Republicans and/or whites are full of hate and animus. But there sure are enough of them to cause trouble. For example, Rush Limbaugh has a listenership of a couple of million a week. Barak Obama’s vision for America is the ideal we all would like, including myself, please believe me.

  5. Pardon my language, but Harris needs his ass beat.
    It’s one thing to support John McCain (although I can’t wrap my mind around why any reasonable black person would), but his routine would have made Steppin Fetchit blush.
    Unless my life were on the line, I wouldn’t fix my lips to say “I’m begging you,” to any white person–and my father was white.
    ACORN? Rev. Wright? Shady characters? Really, dawg? So the right wing 527s, Rev. Hagee and the AIP mean nothing to you, right?
    Again, he needs his ass beat.

  6. Hey LH,
    It’s free speech up in here.
    I read Roland Martin’s blog on essence and he basicaly summed it up as this radio host gunning for his 15 minutes of fame. I would like to go a step further and say that he is touched by something other than the holy spirit. If ya know what I mean.

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