The First Dude of Cool Passes – Paul Newman

Paulnewmanwith_cigOne question, have you ever seen Cool Hand Luke. In the film, Newman plays a down on your luck convict that becomes the hero of the clan. Take this scene from the movie. Luke is playing a game of cards with the inmates and bluffing his way through. The kicker is Luke does not have a good hand but he wins. The other inmates deride the losing convict stating that Luke had beat him with nothing. Luke replies: "

"Yeah, well, sometimes nothin’ can be a real cool hand."

Through escape, recapture and even death, Luke is the man.

That role personifies the cultural myth of Paul Newman. Through the miracle of TCM and AMC, I have had the chance to fall in love with the movies that made eighty year olds swoon back in their heyday. My personal favorites are The Long Hot Summer (1958) and From The Terrace (1960).Paulnew

Paul Newman was that cool cat. Handsome, debonair, and cool. He was a big hit with the ladies starring on screen with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Joanne Woodard, who would become his second wife.

Newman spent his life also devoted to philanthropy. The proceeds from his Newman’s Own brand foods go to children suffering from cancer. He also developed the Scott Paulnewshirtless Newman Foundation after his son died from drug-related causes.

The world has lost a treasure and cultural icon but through the miracle of film we will always have his voice, likeness, and cool.

*sidenote* Newman’s own dressings are really good. LOL

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2 thoughts on “The First Dude of Cool Passes – Paul Newman

  1. I never did try his salad dressings but I heard they weren’t that good. However, I did like the fact that he had all the proceeds go to charity. That’s hella cool.
    For every movie of his I saw, there were two others that I never got around to that I still need to. “Cool Hand Luke” was one of them. He really was the man though.

  2. I love the dressings and he has an organic/natural line of foods that are good too.
    Anyway, you should see Cool Hand Luke. It’s a little dated but still relevant nonetheless.

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