Dieting Sucks Part Deux

In part one of dieting, I ended my rant with nice footage of Cookie Monster singing my favorite food song. here.

Today, I discuss a waking moment of weakness in my diet war.

Smurf_cakeI was at a networking event on Thursday for the Diversity Leadership Forum. There were presentations, clever repartee, and dinner. The meal consisted of cajun chicken, sauteed vegetables, and some mash potato-like substance. Being in professional company, I left about half the food on my plate. Also, I knew I would have to detail all of that in my food journal. Nothing looks worse than listing a ton of food and visualizing all of the actual calories you have consumed in a day. During the key note speaker’s address, dessert was served. It was strawberry cake.

The serving size was small, which is a good thing for the diet, bad thing because I’m still hungry. Afterall, I only ate half of my dinner. But the kicker comes when the wait staff, after running out of cake with half of my table served, brings out a chocolate chip cake. So the woman, who is from a financial service company, gets a HUGE slice of this white chocolate covered cake with chocolate chips.

This woman only takes about two bites of this cake. I of course, seeing her bigger more delectable cake only had a few bites of mine. I had dessert envy. At that moment, I wondered what would happen if I stuck my fork in her cake and ate a big chunk of it. Would she laugh it off, get angry, or call security?

I listened to the very longwinded speaker, sulking and sipping my iced tea. You can’t serve cake to a dieting woman. Now that’s just cruel.

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3 thoughts on “Dieting Sucks Part Deux

  1. Regulating our lifestyle and managing our diet is crucial to our well-being.
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  2. I have been terrible this week but I will drop the 13lbs by Dec. $ is tight so no lunches or dinners outside of what I cook. And my foot hopefully will be 100% in 2 weeks so that I can use my treadmill. I am so ready to workout. Its amazing, just in every aspect of my life, that I want things so bad when I can’t have them. I can’t workout and now thats all I want to do.
    Stay Strong. And the lady would have called security.

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