Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann Ousted?

Keith_o Chrismatthews Well it seems that Chris Matthews love of Obama may have cost him a gig. There has apparently been some squabble between MSNBC, president Phil Griffin and parent company NBC.

MSNBCs Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews anchored the political coverage of the conventions and reportedly received criticism for their left leaning sentiments.

So now, Keith and Chris are out and David Gregory is in. Does this scare anyone besides me? The heads of media are conspiring to control the honest opinion of its reporters. Maybe I should boycott and NOT watch MSNBC’s coverage at all.

David Gregory has a personality rating of zero on a ten-point scale. I watch MSNBCs primarily for two people, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.David_gregory 

Get out and volunteer for Obama, kids, cause silly season is in full swing.

4 thoughts on “Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann Ousted?

  1. It still amazes me everytime I see Keith Olberman’s name attached to something non-sports related. He used to be tha BOMB on ESPN back in the day.

  2. That scares me too…. Folks are starting to act crazier the closer we get to November. Would the outcome have been the same if their views were different? The pressure is on.

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