This Is Scary.

A 2002 story for the Florida Sun-Sentinel, was "accidentally" republished as new on the internet. What was so damning about the article, you ask? Well, the article indicated that United Airlines had filed for bankruptcy, which it had, six years ago.


A reporter from Income Security Advisors picked up on the ill published article, sent it to Bloomberg, and inadvertently sent United Airlines stock into a freefall. The United Airlines stock fell 76%, NASDAQ halted trading, and when trading resumed, the stock rebounded. Yet it closed down about 10%.

So, now the blame game starts. No one wants to blame the reporter, the Tribune Company that owns the Sun Sentinel blames Google and Google blames the Tribune Company.

Couldn’t someone send the stock market into disarray ON PURPOSE as a scam or some type of financial terrorism.

This is scary.


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