My Reflections On Barack Obama Speech at DNC

I will not attempt to recount future President Obama’s speech, like I have done all the other DNC speakers. I could not do it justice.


Magnanimous. Presidential. Prophetic. American.

I was watching Barack, thinking of my brothers, my nephews, our men. I was in tears with pride and hope. I know he will inspire young people to excel, work hard, and pursue their dreams. That is the genius of this moment – inspiration.

God is good.

Now I will end all of the serious talk and return to the fun loving Talulazoeapple that you love.

As I close, I leave you with this question, Does Wolf Blitzer share the same hair stylist as Donna Brazille?


5 thoughts on “My Reflections On Barack Obama Speech at DNC

  1. Wow:
    You had the opportunity to go to Denver?
    Barack looked amazing. I think Chris Matthews described him as Denzel from every angle he looks great. That Chris Matthews is a trip gotta love him.


  2. Not a firm opportunity, but when I heard about the convention I seriously considered going even before he locked up the nomination.
    Chris Matthews is a trip. Barak looked amazing. I was speaking to one of my aunts, and we both love his interaction with his wife. It doesn’t seem forced or staged


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