The Dallas Mavericks, and My Very First Parade

So I went to the Dallas Mavericks Parade, my very first parade. It was something else. I really enjoyed myself but not without a few incidents.

First goal was to find a space that was not so crowded. We opted for one block from where the parade began.

Second goal – to avoid your cousins. Ok. I know this sounds sooo wrong at the onset. I am not speaking of African Americans in general. I am however speaking of the group of people that we ended up running smack dab into the middle of.

Who are "your cousins"? Those AA whose behavior makes you question whether or not they have mentally left the plantation.

Case and point – The very nice family we ended up standing behind (they were seated having arrived at 6 AM) were spotted by family member. Yep you guessed it "the cousins." Dudes were grilled out, loud and drinking in public. The nice lady who ended up being the aunt was upset they put beer in her cooler and kept asking her to get them bottles.

True to form, the media spotted every grilled tooth, grinning Negro for an interview including the aforementioned cousins.

My people, my people! 

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Hello Again My Blog Friends

It seems every time I get something started something happens and I fall out of the groove.

C'est la vie.

I started the video blog and my co-host decided she did not want to do it anymore. She has her reasons and its cool but now I don't have a co-host.

I considered doing the show myself but it's more fun to have a wing man.

I am debating going to the Dallas Mavericks parade, afterall, I have never been to a parade before. I hesitate because Dallas is HOTTTTTT!!!! Its been in the high 90s for days. I am not sure how to prepare for weather like that.

I took the day off from work though needed to get some things done.

That's what's up in my world right about now. What's up in yours? Do you wanna co-host with me? lol

How Exciting Is My Life?


I drove all the way to Fort Worth Texas for my class to partake in the slendiforousness of the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

Who is Will Rogers, you ask? Well, he my friend is an actor, activist, and rodeo/lasso champ. Read more here (it is actually pretty interesting.)





Real talk, I do want to visit a rodeo this year. LOL

P.S. Don't be jealous. LOL

William Sisters Bring Home The Gold

In my previous post on Serena Williams, I highlighted her win against Olga Govortsova in singles. I neglected to update the post with the news Serena subsequently lost out on the gold to Elena Dementieva of Russia.

Serena and Venus delivered the Gold in doubles Sunday beating Anabel Medina Garrigues and Virginia Ruano Pascual of Spain. The sisters showed that history truly does repeat itself;they doubles in Sydney back in 2000.

Photo: Wally Skalij LA Times

Me and my sister couldn’t agree who should sing lead in Wenangife. Like many girl groups before us, our egos tore us apart. lol

Go Venus and Serena.

I see you your natural hair Venus. Loves it!

James Blake Olympic Gold Deferred

When I heard of James Blake loss in Beijing, I wanted to yell out, "Blaaakkke!!" comme(fr.)Amy Winehouse. Blake lost today to Fernando Gonzales of Chile. The win is under criticism due to a disputed point. Blake is still in the running to win a bronze tomorrow.


But James Blake is a winner in every aspect of the word. I ran across a 60 Minutes piece that details his extraordinary life and he’s just 28(?).

What’s a disputed loss to a guy who has survived two devastating health crises and the death of his father to become a premier tennis star with a worldwide fan base.


Black is the son of an African American father and British mother. His parents coincidently met on the tennis court. Growing up, he and his siblings would watch them play. I guess the tennis bug bit and Blake took up the sport.

In 2004 Blake actually broke his neck in a freak accident during a match. Of the accident he says:

“It was definitely the best thing that happened to me. It ended up being the last six weeks of my father’s life, so I got to be here to spend a lot of time with him." Source

After, Blake’s father, Tom Blake, passed that same year  due to stomach cancer, the stress led to a viral infection that caused partial paralysis of his face.


Blake fought back against all odds to compete in the Beijing Olympics. That’s the mark of a champion. No retreat, no surrender. I can’t wait to see how this Olympic story ends. 

Remember When Kobe Was. . .

Kobe. . .likable. lolKobeb

I had a major crush on Sir Bryant back in the day. Posting on Brandy made me remember Kobe and Brandy’s little publicity stunt relationship. Remember when he took Brandy to the prom?

I thought that was the cutest thing ever. I was sooooo jealous. Then he ya’ know, fell out with his parents, married that video chick, and went to Colorado. The rest is history.

Serena Kicks Butt In Beijing

Okay, I have not followed the Olympics since the days of Dominique Dawes and The Magnificent Seven wins in 1996, but I just had to post this news.

Serena Williams has beat Olga Govortsova, winning all four games, to win the Olympics Singles after their match was delayed due to rain. This was Serena Williams first singles match at the Olympics. She and sister Venus won a gold medal in doubles for 2000.


Every time I watch Serena play, I wax nostalgic. I wanted to join the tennis team in high school but never did. I did take up lessons briefly when I first moved to Texas, but I stopped after the first set of classes. My instructor was evil and he called me a turkey once. He said it with a smile but I don’t think he meant it as a term of endearment.


Hearing of my girl’s win, I feel the need to start up again. Besides, If playing tennis will give me a body like that, it’s worth the insults.

Much Ado About Nothing – Lebron James and Vogue

Lebron_and_gorillaI have about had it with Annie Leibovitz (photographer)/Ann Wintour (editor). Preface her name with ‘world renowned’ all you want, her depictions of black celebrities are cheap publicity stunts at best and deplorable at worst. Take this infamous shot.

Well it turns out that the two Annies publicity stunt work of art backfired. This issue turned out to be the LOWEST selling cover since 2001.

Sometimes things just seem to work out.