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Black_man_and_son_2On 7/23/08, I posted an entry on the difficulty I had finding positive stories of black men via the Internet or other media. This entry was submitted by Kimberly Simmons:

My story is a simple one.  Everynight, with some exceptions, I can count on my husband (Randy Simmons) to be home and to take part in the bedtime rituals with our son (Rand Jr.).  In the morning, his name is the first out of my son’s mouth.  Randy Jr. constantly looks for ways to emulate my husband (mimics his workout routines, his stance, and so many other things.  Most notably, my husband isn’t afraid to bestow hugs and kisses or to tell him that he is loved.  In my opinion, you can’t get more positive or more real than the everyday.

I could not have said it better myself.

Come on folks send me your tales of a dark knight (pun intended) in shining armor. You just may be featured on Talulazoeapple. Hey don’t knock it. LOL

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